Thanks to Our New Sponsor Qualcomm!


BIG THANKS to Qualcomm ( ), our newest corporate sponsor!!!
We are very grateful for the funding that Qualcomm is generously granting us, and the UC San Diego Qualcomm representative’s enthusiasm as always to help with student group efforts.

We are still looking for sponsorships from both private and public sectors to help fill our budget gap. Let us know if you have recommendations.
Thank you again to Qualcomm.


Welcome to the UPenn Space, Mobile, and Autonomous Robotics Team (USMART) page. We our developing an autonomous terrestrial exploration rover that will compete in several competitions this spring.  Our rover, ENVOY2, will be completely designed and fabricated in-house at the University of Pennsylvania GRASP (General Robotics, Automatic Sensing, and Perception) Lab, and our team consists of some of the brightest engineers at the university.

We dream to not only take the prize at our competitions this year, but to also spread our passion to the rest of our community. USMART will be hosting several events this spring to reach out to students in the area and get them excited about space, engineering, and robotics. Stay tuned!